1937 Melrose Shamrocks: The Championship Season

March Madness: Iowa Style

Trophies, like these given to the 1937 Shamrocks, have been 
awarded to tournament teams throughout the years



The Boys State Basketball Tournament has brought many fans over the decades.  It has also gone through many changes.  The tournament has been held in different places, been reported differently, and the number of teams has changed. 

The tournament was very different in 1937.  In 1937, there was only ONE state champion.  The tournament was played at the old Drake Fieldhouse.  That year, eight class A schools and eight class B schools played against each other for the championship.  Class A schools were those with an enrollment over 100.  All other schools were class B schools.  Television did not yet exist. 

Today there are four different class champions from the classes: 4-A, 3-A, 2-A, and 1-A.  Class 4-A consists of the largest 48 schools, class 3-A is composed of the next 64 largest schools, the next 128 schools are in class 2-A, and the rest are in class 1A.

Ever saw the movie Hoosiers?  The Shamrocks were the real thing!

A Comparison Between The Drake Fieldhouse and Melrose Opera House Floors