Our Melrose St. Patrick's Easter Bonnet Parade
By Evelyn Sinclair Tierney-March 2000

Most everyone is familiar now with the way our St. Patrick's Easter Bonnet Parade had its beginning, but it's a good story that bears repeating especially this time of year when the ladies of the parish are starting to prepare for the big event.




It was at a pre-Easter liturgy meeting a few years back when Felicia Dinneen lamented the fact that ladies no longer wore hats. "Never an Easter bonnet in church," she said, "and it's a shame!"

So that Easter Sunday, Felicia and two of her friends came to church wearing fancy hats-and much to the delight of the congregation at the parish breakfast which followed the Mass-the three friends strolled around the social hall showing off their bonnets. The crowd tried to pick the prettiest hat, then declared all three to be winners.

The following year and in each succeeding year more ladies joined in on the fun that now has become a tradition where all the ladies and lassies of the parish, and visitors as well, join in the Easter Bonnet Parade.




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