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One can only imagine how POLISHED their routine will be with ten months to practice before the Variety Show, especially considering that Des Moines gave them the FIRST PLACE CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY after only one 6 minute practice at Aunt Jack's !

This should give you some clue as to the HOT TALENT in these Melrose Irish green hills, talent that EXPLODES at our annual Variety Show Extravaganza !

The Melrose area Irish (and the almost Irish) headed for Des Moines to join the Des Moines branch of the Melrose Irish clan at Sec Taylor Stadium. Melrose alumnae, natives, fans, & cousins came from several states to participate & cheer Melrose to victory.



LEO WARD was the Melrose Parade Coordinator, idea man, & organizer, He is the Chief Leprechaun for the Des Moines branch of the Melrose Irish clan.

Actually, Leo is the Chief Leprechaun of the Melrose Irish clan everywhere. (he is the leprechaun responsible for most all of the shamrocks, leprechauns, signs & memorabilia posted throughout the streets, on barns, decks, garages, homes & elsewhere in the Melrose area)



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