By RoseA Vestal


The caboose project is one of our favorite stories, and demonstrates the spirit of Melrose folks always pitching in & getting a job done.

For years, a group of ambitious, but NAIVE ladies on the Betterment Committee dreamed of obtaining a Burlington Northern Caboose for our park to emphasize the important role the railroad has played in our town.

They went after this dream. They obtained deeds to abandoned lots, paid back taxes, wrote numerous letters to railroad officials, recruited help from RC&D and the Board of Supervisors.

The Vacant Lot


We were ecstatic when confirmation came that Melrose WOULD get a caboose!

We ladies on the Betterment Committee thought we could just get some of our dear farmers to hook that caboose to a tractor and pull it right down to our park. Period-project done.

WRONG! Little did we know!



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