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Caboose - after all work is done


Railroad officials fell in love with the folks in Melrose as we communicated per letter & phone on the Caboose project. We were delighted when they informed us they had decided to stop the historic Steam Engine in Melrose that would carry over l00 railroad dignitaries across the USA.

They wanted to MEET and visit the folks in Melrose. On June 21, we hosted these new friends and were awed by the grand Steam Engine and grateful to meet these nice folks.


The steam engine arrives in Melrose   The Welcoming Commitee
    Fel Dineen, Carol Feehan & the member of the Youth Group


Evelyn Sinclair Tierney with steam engine operators


What a day! What a grand project....that ole Caboose!!!!!!

By the way, the Caboose had arrived in Melrose on ST. PATRICK's DAY...a GOOD OMEN from the start. 'Tis that "LUCK OF THE IRISH" we tell you about.



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