Melrose WINS State Championship-AGAIN


The Irish of Melrose arose EARLY St. Patrick's morning, donned their green & white & headed for Aunt Jack's Café on Erin Avenue by 7 am.

Larry Mikesell hosted his morning radio show, KLBA FM 96.7, in Melrose with live spots from Aunt Jack's. T'was a fitting way to start St. Paddy's day, wishing KLBA country a 'top of the morning' from Iowa's Little Ireland.


The breathtaking moments at Aunt Jack's came as the Melrose pom-pom Parade cheerleaders held try outs & practice in preparation for the Des Moines St. Pat's Parade. Larry was the judge.

Larry was TOTALLY IMPRESSED with these Irish maidens and was quick to announce there would be no one cut from this cheerleading squad -as their antics were awesome & cheerleading costumes divine!


Larry challenged them to go to the little town of Des Moines to test the waters. If they came home with a trophy, they would be deemed a "must see act" in the Melrose 2001 Variety Show.

They were TRIUMPHANT of course ! And will be "SHOW HEADLINERS" for the 2001 Show.


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