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Next, we sought estimates for cleaning the greasy soiled caboose. Estimates came in at $2,600. The volunteer Fire Department washed it inside and out, but the grease & grime would not budge.

THEN, more magic from creative volunteers. Men began experimenting with special cleaners and a crew of guys (Tim Judge, Leo Ward, Dan Memmel, Danny Judge, Cliff Thompson, Joey Arnold, & Steve Carter) spent a full day washi ng the caboose by hand. They transformed and restored it back to its "Irish Green" exterior without the need to spend $2,600. WAY TO GO MELROSE!


The caboose is cleaned


So, a project that would've cost well over $10,000 was completed by GENEROUS VOLUNTEERS who RESCUED THE LADIES ON BETTERMENT from ourselves!!!!

Volunteers Bill Duer, Carol Feehan, Jerry & RoseA Vestal erected a RAIL FENCE at the site. Carol & Evelyn Tierney planted flowers in new flower barrels.


Carol Feehan plants flowers



An antique railroad crossing sign was donated & erected in loving memory of Danny Currie. Another moving railroad crossing signal was erected & wired by Bernard Casebolt in honor of the Raymond Casebolt family.

Headed by volunteer Chuck Rush, new sidewalks were installed.

A new Welcome Sign was obtained by Betterment & erected at the site by volunteers.

New globe streetlights were installed on either side of the caboose, one donated by the Melrose-Georgetown Youth Group. And many green trees were planted in the area.


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