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The water caused major damage to the inside of the building. The ceiling tiles were water damaged and, in many places were beginning to fall. The entire ceiling was replaced.

Below are before, during and after pictures showing the installation of a new ceiling.


Ceiling Before   Ceiling During  


Ceiling After


Water and neglect had also damage the floor. The finish was worn off, painted lines were gone, and it was feared that the floor was a total loss. But, what a difference some paint and varnish can make. As you can see in the pictures below, the floor was complete refinished to a like new condition.


Floor Before   Floor After



But what good is a new basketball floor, with out rims and backboards to go along with it. Over the years, kids had stacked up whatever they could find, jumped off, and slammed the ball through the rim. As you can see below, the rims eventually broke off the backboard. Melrose installed new glass backboards with break away rims. As can be seen below, these were a vast improvment over the old. And, since they are so nice, kids no longer try to slam a ball through.

Old Rim and Backboard   New Rim and Backboard




The bathrooms were also completely renovated. Below you can see the improvement.

Mens Bathroom Before   Mens Bathroom After





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